Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fripp Island Beach Trip!

This little monkey had such a good time at the ocean! Watch as he actually pushes Robert away when he tries to pick him up when a wave was coming!

Last week we all went to down to Fripp Island, SC (close to Edisto Beach) and spent the week in a house we rented across the street from the ocean. Mom and Dad both went, along with Jonas, Melissa and Luke. We knew it would be tough with two babies, but with six adults I think we managed just fine. Nicklas just loved the water; the house had a private pool, which was very nice, and the beach wasn't a far walk away. We actually had to keep him from crawling right into the waves! He loved the sand and picked up every stick, shell, rock, etc that he crawled upon. We spent alot of time out for walks, riding bikes and riding the golf cart. Luke and Nicklas both loved to ride on the golf cart! We saw lots of deer (which would come right up to you), crabs, birds, and I even saw a dolphin! I only got a little sunburned, which is saying alot for me.

We had a great week, but are glad to be home in our own beds. Here's some great pictures that I managed to take this week...


Jonas, Melissa and Luke on the beach

Nicklas relaxing in the pool

Me and Nicklas just after I'd been pulled underwater by a giant wave...good thing I wasn't holding him at the time!

I like the's so messy!

Luke and Nicklas in the of the few baths Nicklas got all week. For some reason, the ocean and pool were fun, but the bathtub was suddenly so scary he wouldn't get it anymore after the first day there.

Our not-so-great attempts at a family portrait on the beach. I won't even show you the ones we took of all of us together, they just didn't come out right. Oh well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Can we go to the beach, Mommy? Please???
What a sweet face I have!

Friday, June 12, 2009


...8 days until THE BEACH!!

Nicklas turns 10 months old today. My, how time flies. I can't believe my baby boy is standing up on his own, has four teeth and gets into more and more trouble everyday. This week he's enjoyed swimming lessons and starting back to our summer sessions with Kindermusik. Of course, I've missed most of this due to starting full-time hours. I miss him so much, and this morning he cried as I left the house for work...again. I'm sure all was forgotten as soon as he saw his toys in the living room. At least I know he misses me, too.

I'm looking forward to our trip to the beach not only because of the sun and fun, but also for the precious time to spend with my family. My new job was nice enough to let me have next week off that we already had planned, even though I just started my new position last week. I can't wait to take Nicklas and Luke to the beach for the first time, to soak up the sun (does it still count with sunblock?) and to hear the waves crashing, not just on Nicklas' sound machine.

Sigh...back to work!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kyle and Alecia's wedding

Last weekend Robert and I traveled to Aurora, IL for his cousin Alecia Turner's wedding. With no baby. I had fun but I felt like it was the longest weekend of my life! Here's a few pictures from the reception...which was awesome! Good food, good music, everything was great!

The bride, Robert's cousin Alecia Turner

Uncle Frank, the father of the bride

Our placecard...I thought these were neat! ( You can tell I don't make it to many fancy weddings)!

Robert and cousin Andy with the flower girl, Danielle.

Robert with Uncle Gary and Aunt Jan, with their daughter Tiffany.

Andy's wife Melissa and Danielle. She was so cute and well-behaved...especially for only having a 5 minute nap all day!

Me and Robert. We had a good time but we missed Nicklas alot! I was worried about flying with an infant and trying to take him to a wedding, so I thought it best to just enlist Nana's help for the weekend.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Acts of Cuteness

Gimme that!

I like fire trucks!
(This is taken at Uncle Heath and Aunt Leanne's during cousin Alexis' first birthday party)

All cuddled with my blankie...I can't sleep without it!