Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Semester Over

This week was N's last class for summer Kindermusik. We will not be able to continue in the fall due to scheduling conflicts, but hope to join the 18+ months class after the new year. Here are some cute pictures from this past semester. N enjoys riding in the laundry basket at home as well.

Just like Daddy! He will pull these sticks out of the hands of whoever grabbed them first. We're working on sharing...

Soon, we'll be walking! What a challenge!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I ran over my dog because Big Bird said to and he's my leader

I saw this online today and thought it was cute...hey, I must be really bored!
Just for laughs...write your own sentence!

Pick the month you were born:

January-------I kicked
February------I loved
March--------I karate chopped
April----------I licked
May----------I jumped on
June----------I smelled
July-----------I did the Macarena With
August--------I had lunch with
September----I danced with
October-------I sang to
November-----I yelled at
December-----I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1-------a birdbath
2-------a monster
3-------a phone
4-------a fork
5-------a snowman
6-------a gangster
7-------my mobile phone
8-------my dog
9-------my best friends' boyfriend
10-------my neighbor
11------- my science te acher
12--- ----a banana
13-------a fireman
14-------a stuffed animal
15-------a goat
1 6-------a pickle
17-------your mom
18-------a spoon
19------ - a smurf
20-------a baseball bat
21-------a ninja
22-------Chuck Norris
23-------a noodle
24-------a squirrel
25-------a football player
26-------my sister
27-------my brother
28-------an ipod
29-------a surfer
30-------a llama
31-------A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White---------because I'm cool like that
Black---------because that's how I roll.
Pink-----------because I'm crazy.
Red-----------because the voices told me to.
Blue-----------because I'm hot and I do what I want
Green---------because I think I need some serious help.
Purple---------because I'm AWESOME!
Gray----------because Big Bird said to and he's my leader.
Yellow--------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange----- - --because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway.
Brown---------because I can..
Other----------because I'm a Ninja!
None----------because I can't control myself!

Just some silly humor to make you laugh!! (I hope nobody thinks I actually ran over my dog. Sierra is OK, don't worry).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!
This past weekend, Robert, Nicklas and I made our annual trip to Ringgold, GA to visit Robert's extended family for the 4th of July. It's was only Nicklas' second trip to Ringgold, which was really fun because the last time most of his family have seen us Nicklas was only 4 months old. We had a good time visiting with Robert's Grandmother (we call her GiGi for Great-Grandmother) and Aunt Alice, along with cousins Jeff, Cindy and Beth and all their families. Robert's parents also made the long drive up from Waycross and are spending ten days there.
Nicklas, however, was in rare form. To start, he's just cut another tooth (I discovered it in the car on the way to Ringgold) and it's partner on top was trying to come through all weekend. Second, we are in full-out stranger anxiety mode, which meant any new face he met came with total panic mode. I'm talking full-on tears! Robert and I could not leave him alone with anyone else in a room for two seconds before he'd start bawling. By Sunday morning he was starting to warm up to most everyone, but he would not go near Robert's dad, Ron, for any reason. As long as Ron kept his distance and he could still see one of us, he was OK. He wouldn't even sit in Robert's lap on the couch NEXT to Ron. (I think it was kind of hurting Robert's dad's feelings, but what can I do? He's not old enough to reason with. I'm hoping this is just a faze...)

Nicklas' younger cousins was another story. He was totally infatuated with them! I think there's something about other children that just draws him like a magnet. Here he is playing with Robert's cousin, Maria (age 8).

The only lap he was content to sit in.

Nicklas is staring down his cousin, Jeremiah (age 7). Nicklas would follow Jeremiah everywhere. Jeremiah started a mohawk trend on his baseball team, and now everyone on the team has to have one. His team is playing for the opportunity to go to the Little League World Series, I think. Like baseball, much?

I got this one as we got ready for bed one night. Silly boy.
My next task is finding a baby-sitter for two days a week for when Robert goes back to work the end of this month. My mom is still going to keep him two days, and I'm off one day, but the other two days are the challenge. I'm not crazy about the idea of day care, but I'm going to meet next week with a lady who keeps kids at her home. She comes highly recommended from more than one friend of mine, so hopefully it will work out. I'm mainly nervous because N is so scared of strangers right now that I couldn't bear to leave him if he's screaming his head off! Again, I'm hoping this is only a faze, and he will outgrow it. I really have no back-up other than this one lady, so if she doesn't work out I'm back to square one. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Nicklas had his latest well-baby visit with Dr. Hogan this week, as well as another vaccination shot. Gladly, it was only one this time and Robert said he only cried for a minute and then was totally fine. Robert had to take him to this visit by himself since I was at work; it's the first doctor's appointment that I've ever missed! I can't believe I couldn't go...but I sent my hubby with a list of questions to ask, of course. My control-freak side wouldn't relent...

Nicklas weighs 20 lbs, 12.5 ozs (25th percentile), is 29 inches long (50th percentile) and has a head circumference of 18.5 inches (80-90th percentile)! Poor baby, with that giant head it's no wonder he topples head first all the time! I'm surprised he doesn't weigh more than that, but from what I've read, most babies hit a peak in weight gain about this time and settle into a more long-term pattern of putting on pounds. He's just getting taller instead of wider, which is great! He's grown almost four inches since his last appointment in March.

I'll post some pictures later of our first experience with is very picturesque!