Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year We Were All Sick

I'm so thankful for my wonderful family and the fact they are so close to us. Starting Christmas Eve, I came down with a nasty bronchitis and fever, and was sick during three Christmas gatherings and one birthday party (Robert's cousin Maria) over the next three days. I would never have made it without my family's help, and especially Robert. He's been such a trooper with N while I've been ill. I'm still not recovered...on my second day of the Z-pack and inhaler for the wheezing in my chest. Then, of course, Nicklas comes down with a cough and fever two days later, and today we found out he's got double ear infections. I guess it's saying something that we've never had ear infections before and he's almost 17 months old, but I'm surprised since I had so many as a kid. Thank goodness for antibiotics. Somehow, when you're sick you still have to be the mommy and it's hard to make a toddler understand that YOU NEED REST. When the lady at the clinic told me I needed to take off work for 5 days and rest, I laughed at her.

Anyway, here's some cute pics from Christmas this year...

N sitting in his new push buggy car...a big hit, I must say.

Although the best presents will always be the boxes that others' gifts came it.

Can we open more presents so I can have the wrapping paper?? Please??

Luke sitting with Jonas and Heath and Leanne's house. He's so grown up!

What did I say about boxes? Dad made a "house" for Luke and Nicklas from a box at work, including a window with shutters and a door. They routinely would stuff their favorite toys or sippies inside and then crawl in to picnic together. So much fun.

I'm disappointed that N and I have been so sick this week, since Jonas and family are moving this weekend and we won't see them for a long time. I love you guys so much!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I know it's been awhile...

My blogger engine has run out of steam, and I'll catch up eventually. Here's a little holiday treat for all of you...

Merry Christmas!
Jen, Robert and Nicklas