Sunday, January 24, 2010

In Need of Some Entertainment

Lately, with the cold, wet weather and a mixture of strep and ear infections, we've all been cramped inside the house for days on end. It's tough with a very energetic 17 month-old to keep things fun without everyone pulling their hair out. I've been getting alot of this face...

We even tried Saturday to make it out to the playground but it was so darn cold that it only lasted about 10 minutes. I know when my teeth are chattering, that N has got to be freezing! (Sorry, kiddo.) C'mon spring-time already!

Luckily, N has great caregivers during the week to keep him happy and entertained. My mom is taking him back to Kindermusik classes on Wednesdays, which he loves. He's such a musical boy; he loves to sing and dance along with music, and play the drums of course! He is his daddy's child, after all.

So while we're at home we've resorted to playing with boxes. The old adage is true...there's nothing better than an empty box to play in. My dad will often bring home large boxes from the store and N will play in and on them until they're ripped to shreds. He found this one that came from with my new GRE study guide, and I guess he thought he could fit in it...

Today it was cold and rainy (again) so we took N out to a place called Monkey Joe's. If you've never been to or heard of a Monkey Joe's, let me's an indoor bouncy playhouse for kids and toddlers. Basically the best thing ever invented for moms of stir-crazy toddlers! Plus, the place was clean, well staffed and decked out with everything parents and kids need, included snack bar and free Wi-Fi, plus big screen TV's for all the daddys watching the Colts beat up the Jets this afternoon.

Going down the toddler slide...wheeee!

I heard several people talking about how cute N is...well, duh!

N used this area like a trampoline...that sweatshirt came off soon after. Every kid in that place was awfully sweaty. After about five minutes I was hot, too. (Note to self: do not wear a wool sweater to Monkey Joe's).

Hey, what's that kid doing over there?

We had to practically beat other kids away with a stick to give N a chance to kid in this car by himself? Where are their parents? (Oh yeah, they're over there watching the TV and surfing the web while their child tries to sit on my kid).

Nicklas and Daddy going down the big slide! I was worried he'd be scared but loved it! The kiddo has no that a good or a bad thing?

Crawling through the tunnels with Robert close behind. It's a good thing parents are allowed in b/c we had to keep them from stepping on poor N. Some of those kids are nuts!

The whole experience was very good. They have a security system in place so that every kid is watched to an adult with a numbered arm band, and when you leave you have to match them up to someone at the door. I'm guessing it's so that no one can walk out with someone else's child, especially when so many parents weren't watching their kids at all. I guess mine's just so young that I don't get it....I even saw one lady trying to study a textbook in there. Way too much noise!