Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good News!

Drumroll please...

We're expecting again! Baby T #2 is due in late January or early February 2011. I went to the doctor today for the first time and I'm measuring a little small, according to my dates, so I'll need to go back in two weeks to have another ultrasound done. We're so excited to make N a big brother!

In other goings on, we spent last week on the beach at St. Simons Island with my parents and R's mom. We had a great time relaxing and generally doing a bunch of nothing. Here's some good pics from our trip...

Relaxing in the shade by the pool

I had to convince him to get dirty in the sand. It took some getting used to but he came around.

Going down the slide at the toddler pool. This place was awesome for kids.

Chillin' at the pier near the St. Simons lighthouse. I love this pic.

Bubbles...a great distraction gimic for meltdowns. We kept a supply handy.