Thursday, March 11, 2010


Nicklas took his Mommy, Nana and Papa for a whirlwind trip to the GA Aquarium today. Slept for nearly fours hours this afternoon....totally worth it! Check it out!

I want in there with the fish!

So cute!

Chillin' with Papa at the entrance window.

The waterfall was one of the biggest hits of the day.

Whoa! What was that slimy thing?? Thank goodness for hand sanitizer!


Great picture

Our Trip to Blue Ridge

So Robert and I decided months ago that we needed a weekend away, together, with no kiddo. Not that we don't love him, but weeks and weeks of busy weekends and Robert being out of town and Sunday afternoon rehearsals have left us lonely and burnt out. I was recommended by a friend from work to stay at this place called the Last Resort in the mountains of Blue Ridge, GA. We headed out of town after work last Friday to make the loooooong drive uphill (actually, it wasn't too bad of a drive).

We got there late, but found out key tacked up to the bulletin board outside the office. The roads up to the cabin were all dirt and VERY bumpy (I got car sick riding up there one time).

We stayed in the Ottowah. It's listed as a deluxe cabin, which basically meant we got a gas fireplace instead of wood-burning and gas grill (which we didn't use) instead of charcoal. The fireplace was great, I'm not big into building fires indoors.

Our 5 person jacuzzi. We had problems getting it to heat up properly; you had the push the button, like, 6.8 times and dance a jig before the water would get hot. But we made it work.

The view out the back of our cabin from the living area.

Our back deck, very nice. I sat outside and read my Kindle with my coffee while Robert slept on Saturday morning.

Downtown Blue Ridge. We couldn't do the Scenic Railway tour b/c they don't start until next week, oh well. I guess we'll have to bring N back to ride the train soon!

On Saturday night we went to a drive-in theater called the Swan Drive-In. It was really cool, I've never been to a drive-in before in my life. We froze our butts off in the car b/c we were afraid to keep it running the entire movie (our gas was low) and the sound came through our radio speakers. The Swan is one of only 4 operating drive-ins left in the state of Georgia.

Sunday we took a drive over the mountains towards the Sautee/Helen area. Hwy 384/Richard Russell Senic Highway. It was beautiful, and the tops of the mountains were still covered in snow and ice. We saw people out with their rock-climbing stuff. Crazy.

More snow and ice on the mountain.

Outside of Helen, we HAD to stop at the Nora Mill Grainery. They sell the BEST stone-ground grits in the entire world, I must stop and buy some if I'm ever in the vicinity.

The Chattahoochee behind the grainery, which powers the mill and grinds my grits for me!