Friday, August 13, 2010

Elmo Cupcakes

I must admit, I did not come up with this idea on my own (see this website for my original inspiration) but I did tweak it a little due to lack of supplies and what I thought would work better. N loves Elmo, although mostly from books and little from the actual Sesame Street. So we're throwing him an Elmo party tomorrow for his second birthday. I decided to make these cupcakes myself just to see if I could. (I'm not very artsy and I'm definitely not a good cook).

I made the cupcakes out of red velvet cake.

For the eyes I took kitchen shears and cut large marshmallows into thirds. (I originally looked for Necco wafers for this step but couldn't find any, anywhere.)

For the nose you need orange gumdrops. But they don't sell just the orange... I picked them all out and gave the rest of the bag to the hubby.

You also need black decorating gel, black licorice and red sprinkles. And red food coloring.

Sierra waiting patiently for me to drop something. She eats licorice, BTW.

Take white icing and add enough red food coloring to get a good red icing. I pretty much killed an entire bottle of food coloring and still only got a really dark pink.

After icing the cupcakes heavily, add enough red sprinkles to finish the red coloring and give Elmo his furry look.

Place two marshmallow thirds on top for the eyes with a gumdrop for the nose.

Then use your black decorator gel to make the pupils on the eyes. I started using the gel for the mouth as well, b/c I couldn't get the licorice to "smile" enough. (Elmo looked kind of perturbed.) However, I started running out of gel and was forced to use the licorice. With Robert's help, it works best if cut into a thin, thin strip and curled around your finger for a moment before placing on the cupcake.

He's going to be so excited! What do you think?


Lauren said...

So cute!! And I'm literally lol'ing at "Elmo looked a little perturbed." :)

Sue said...

so cute! Good job!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, little guy! Those cupcakes are so cute! You have an army of Elmo's ready to party. :) Wilton makes some food coloring that you can get at Michael's in the cake decorating area that is highly concentrated. You only need a drop or two. The cupcakes look red to me though! I think you did a fantastic job! Have fun today.

Anonymous said...

Learning makes life sweet.......................................................................

flutterberry said...

Wow! very creative! :) I wanna make cupcakes like that also.

flutterberry said...

I love this! Like! Like! Like! Elmo's sooo cute!

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